“Parenting in a stepfamily is one of the most difficult of all human assignments.”

You Deserve Access To Solutions

Are you currently dealing with one more of the following issues?

  • Is being in a stepfamily more challenging than you thought?
  • Difficulty getting along with your spouse’s ex, your ex,  and getting along with their stepchild?
  • Are you tired of being treated unfairly, or “second” to your spouse’s ex or the step kids?
  • Are you sick of battling feelings of jealousy and resentment?
  • Is the communication just “off” between you and your step kids, or you and your spouse?
  • Do you find yourself thinking your marriage might not work?


 Dr. KaRae’s primary focus is to help you effectively adjust in your stepfamily, assist with alleviating the pain caused by stepfamily dysfunction or achieve an amicable divorce.

The immediate help you’re seeking is just a phone call, office visit, or Skype (online) session away.